A Swiss Stroll

Some fine examples of the technically superb printed postcards produced in Switzerland and Germany for the Swiss market in the early part of the 20th century.


Die Ersten Briefmarken der Schweiz, c.1900 - Henry Heller

Published by Henry Heller of Bern in c.1900, this beautifully printed postcard with undivided back shows some examples of the earlier postage stamps produced in Switzerland.


Dreizehn Verschiedene Schweiz Helvetia Briefmarken, c.1905 - Ottmar Zieher

Published by Ottmar Zieher of München in c.1905, No 39, another beautifully printed and embossed postcard, with divided back, showing a further selection of Swiss postage stamps, but this time we see some contemporary examples alongside a mail coach.


Die Alten Telegraphenmarken der Schweiz, c.1900 - Menke-Huber

Published by Menke-Huber of Zürich in c.1900, not numbered. This printed postcard, chromolithograph and metallic pigment, with undivided back, shows the set of seven Swiss Telegraph Stamps first produced in 1881.


Gruss vom Schweizerland, Schweizertrachten, c.1905 - Guggenheim & Co

Published by Guggenheim & Co of Zürich in c.1905, No 10353, this beautifully printed embossed postcard with divided back shows some examples of girls in traditional costume and holding the flags of their respective cantons.


Helvetia, 1907 - H Guggenheim & Cie

Published by H. Guggenheim & Cie of Zürich, No 12505, this printed embossed postcard with divided back shows Helvetia, the female national personification of Switzerland, with the Matterhorn behind and surrounded by the arms of the 22 original cantons. The card was postally used from an Ambulant Post Office on train No 14 on route No 3 on 3rd May 1907 and sent to Dijon.


Masken-Ball, Hôtel Union, Luzern, 1902 - Rüttger & Co

Published by the Maskenliebhaber-Gesellschaft der Stadt Luzern, not numbered, and printed by Rüttger & Co of Luzern this hand-tinted lithographic postcard with undivided back advertises the Masken-Ball at the Hôtel Union in Luzern on Wednesday 29th of January 1902. It was posted at the village of Kastanienbaum two days later on the 31st of January 1902 and has a Maskenliebhaber-Gesellschaft cachet to the back.


Andermatt, Uri, c.1900 - Gebrüder Metz

Published by the Metz Brothers of Basel in c.1900, No 19522, this printed embossed postcard with undivided back shows a small general view of the town of Andermatt in Uri Canton alongside an alpine ibex surrounded by edelweiss and the arms of the cantons of Switzerland. The card was not postally used, but has a short note dated 18th June 1903.


Multiview, Sepey, Vaud, 1904 - Carl Kunzli

Published by Carl Kunzli of Zürich in the late 1890s, No 873, this lithograph postcard with undivided back shows a small general view of the village of Le Sépey in Vaud Canton alongside the Châlet au Sepey and with edelweiss and a conifer to the sides. The card was postally used from Sceaux in France in 1904 and sent locally.


Grand Hotel & Pension Axen-Fels, Schwyz, 1903 - H. Guggenheim & Co

Published by H. Guggenheim & Co. of Zürich, No 6378, printed in 1902 by C.G. Röder GmbH, Leipzig, Journal-Nummer J. 12490, with undivided back, showing several views, including the main view showing the Grand Hotel & Pension Axen-Fels near Morschach in Schwyz Canton. Also shown are Das Rütli, Schillerstein and Axenstrasse, Partie bei Brunnen. The card was postally used on 22 July 1903 from Morschach and sent to London.