Unidentified Publishers' Initials

An alphabetical list of unidentified initials, acronyms, abbreviations and trade names used by postcard publishers. The town, city or country given alongside each may not necessarily infer that the publisher was based there, but merely reflects the postcard(s) on which the initials or trade name was found, and is therefore at this point a best guess. Some of the initials given here may not necessarily be in the correct order as it is not always possible to be certain, though most are clearly obvious. This list will be updated on a regular basis and any which are subsequently indentified will be amended and moved to the main page.

A. C. - A.C., Marseille (view)
A. D. - A.D., Ballaigues (view)
A. E. Z. - A.E.Z., Switzerland (probably A.E., Zürich) (view)
A. F. - A.F., Alger (view)
A.F.S. - A.F.S., United Kingdom (view)
A. H. & S. - A.H. & S., Margate (view) (view)
A.P. - Les Editions d'Art A.P., Versailles (view)
A. R. F. O. - Editions A.R.F.O., Bruxelles (view)
A. S. B. - A.S.B., Berlin (view)
A.S.M.K. - A.S.M.K. & Co., Singapore (view)
Astro - Astro, Edizioni d'Arte, Roma (view)
A. V. - Cliché A.V., France (view)
B & Co - B. & Co., Genève (view)
B. H. C. - B.H.C., Bayreuth (view)
B.M. - B.M., Paris (view)
B.P. - B.P., Madeira1 (view)
B. P. Co. Ltd. - B.P. Co. Ltd., London2 (view)
C. A. R. - C.A.R., Dunkerque (view)
C. B. - C.B., United Kingdom (view)
C. E. K. M. - C.E.K.M., Surrey3 (view)
C. E. L. A. - C.E.L.A., Genève (view)
C. H. - C.H., Boulogne-sur-Mer (view)
C. P. V. - C.P.V., Switzerland (view)
C. R. S. - C.R.S., Sevilla (view)
CS - C.S., Sweden (view)
The D. & H. Publishing Co. - The D. & H. Publishing Co., Bournemouth (view)
D. & M. - D. & M., London (view)
D A L - D.A.L., Paris (view)
D. A. M. - D.A.M., Milano (view)
D. F. & Son - D.F. & Son, London (view)
D J M - D.J.M., Gibraltar (view)
D. P. - Edición D.P., Spain (view)
DRC - D.R.C., The Netherlands (view)
E. B. - E.B., Marseille (view)
EBC - E.B.C., Italy (view)
E F & C M - E.F. & C. M., Firenze (view)
EFM Co - E.F.M. Co., Bergen (view)
E G C B - E.G.C.B., Bari (or G E C B) (view)
E. H. - E.H., Weymouth (view)
E. H. C. - E.H.C., Boulogne-sur-Mer (view)
E. J. - E.J., Harfleur (view)
E.M.A. - E.M.A., Abbazia (view)
E. N. - E.N., Noisy-le-Grand (view)
E. R. - E.R., Uriage (view)
E. R. N. - E.R., Napoli4 (view)
E. S. - E.S., Alger (view)
E. S. A B. - E.S. A B., Antwerpen5 (view)
F. & C. - F. & C., Roma (view) (view)
F.A.P. Co. - F.A.P. Co., London (view)
F.G.C. - F.G.C., United Kingdom (view)
FN. - F.N., Mexico City (view)
F. V. L. - F.V.L., Luzern (view)
GA - G.A., Solin (view)
GAM - G.A.M., Split6 (view)
G. B. - G.B., Venezia (view)
GC&S - G.C. & S., Scotland7 (view)
G. D. S. M. - G.D.S.M., Messina (view)
G. F. - G.F., Le Havre (view)
G. I. - G.I., Paris (view)
GJ - G.J., Barcelona or Madrid8 (view)
GJC - G.J.C., Driffield & Somerset (view)
GJM - G.J.M., Barcelona or Madrid9 (view)
G. L. C. - G.L.C., Scotland (view)
G. M. R. - G.M.R., Roma (view)
G. M. V. - G.M.V., Venezia (view)
G. P. - G.P., Genève (view)
G. S. - G.S., Pisa (view)
H & S - H. & S., Germany (view)
H. & S., B. - H. & S., Dorset10 (view)
HD - H.D., Wien (view)
H. S. B. - HSB, California or New Mexico (view)
I S Co - I.S. Co., United States of America (view)
J & Co. LTD - J. & Co. Ltd., United Kingdom (view)
J. B. & S., C. - J.B. & S., C.11, United Kingdom (view)
J. B. W. I. - J.B., Wien (view)
JC - Collection JC, Monte-Carlo (view)
JCV - J.C.V., Verona (view)
J F E - J.F.E., Marseille (view)
J. M. & F. - J.M. & F., Constantinople (view)
J. P. - J.P., Mont-Saint-Michel (view)
JP & Co - J.P. & Co. (Novitas), Wien (view)
J. S. & W. LTD. - J.S. & W. Ltd, Durban (view)
JSB - J.S.B., Southall (view)
J T Jnr G - J.T.Jnr. G., Goes (view)
J.W. - J.W., Graficas, Berlin (view)
J. W. M. - J.W.M., Sheffield (view)
KJD - K.J.D., Kotor12 (view)
K. P. L. - K.P.L., France (view)
KTF - K.T.F., Koblenz (view)
L. & B. W. 1. - L. & B., Wien (view)
L&H - L. & H., Austria (view)
LA - LA13 (view)
L. C. - L.C., Egypt14 (view)
L. D. - L.D., Paris (view) (view)
L. D. B. - L.D.B., Boulogne-sur-Mer (view)
L. G. - L.G., Bilbao (view)
L.J. - L.J., Fécamp (view)
L. P. - L.P., Ljubljana15 (view)
L.R. - L.R., Marseille (view)
LV - L.V., United Kingdom (view)
M. et Cie - M. et Cie, Paris (view)
M. & O. L. - M. & O.L., Baden-bei-Wien (view)
M. F. E. - M.F.E., Königsberg (view)
M.G.O. - M.G.O., Budapest (view)
M. L. J. - M.L.J., Bern (view)
MP - M.P., Madrid (view)
M.P.C. - M.P.C., Warwickshire16 (view) (view)
M. R. K. - M.R.K., Königsberg (view)
M T - M.T., Slovenia (view)
N. & A. C. B. - N. & A.C.B., United Kingdom (view)
N. & F. - N. & F., Bruxelles (view)
N. A. - N.A., Sorrento (view)
NG - N.G., Saint-Malo17 (view)
N. M. M. - N.M.M., Roma (view)
NS - N.S., Scheveningen (view)
N.S.D. - N.S.D., Westminster (view)
O. P. O. - O.P.O., Denmark (view)
O. S. P. - O.S., Pisa (view)
P - P., Weston-Super-Mare (view)
P. & B. - P. & B., Sheffield (view)
P A P - P.A.P., Perpignan (view)
P.B. - P.B., Königsberg (view)
P. B. - P.B., Marseille (view)
P. B. - P.B., Toulouse (view)
PCS - P.C.S., Bolton (view)
P. E. - P.E., Trier (view)
P G F F - P.G.F., Firenze (view)
PGL - P.G.L., United Kingdom (view)
P. L. - P.L., Paris (view)
P. Z. - P.Z., Barcelona (view)
R. D. - R.D., Sainte-Radegonde (view)
RDT - R.D. Tivoli (view)
R.E., B. - R.E., B., Lancashire (view)
R. E. K. A. - R.E.K.A., Abbazia18 (view)
RFW - R.F.W., Jersey (view)
rima - Rima, Rimini (view)
R.M. & S. Ltd., S. - R.M. & S. Ltd., S.19 (view)
RPD - R.P.D., Austria (view)
R. P. S. - R.P.S., Sheffield (view)
S. A. F. - S.A.F., Milano (view) (view) (view)
SB - S.B., Prague or Germany (view)
Seal - Seal, Switzerland (view)
SG - S.G., France20 (view)
SH - S.H., United Kingdom21 (view)
SIRA CHROME - Sira Chrome, Perpignan (view)
S. P. B. - S.P.B., Birmingham (view)
STOFEG - S.T.O.F.E.G., Eguzon (view)
T. E. S. L. - T.E.S.L., Leicester (view)
T. V. A. P. - T.V.A.P., Oxford (view)
U.A.T. - Edition U.A.T., Paris (view)
U. P. B. - U.P.B., Bruxelles (view)
V - V., Berlin (view)
V. D. F. - Edition V.D.F., Cannes (view)
V. G. - V.G., Bruxelles (view)
V. T. B. - Uitgave V. T. B., Harderwijk (view)
V. Z. - V.Z., Venezia (view)
W & V CO LD - W. & V. Co. Ltd., United Kingdom (view)
W.B. P. - W.B., Plymouth (view)
W.J.P., B. - W.J.P., Blackpool (view)
ZID - ZID, Novia Sad (view)
ъла - ъла, St Petersburg (view)