The Cabinet of Curiosities

An assortment of odd and intriguing postcards highlighting but a small cross-section of the diverse subject matter captured by the artists and photographers of past ages.


Un Taureau vivant possédant 2 têtes, 3 bouches et 3 langues, c.1910

Printed monochrome postcard produced in France about c.1910 and showing a two-headed bull with three mouths and three tongues. The publisher isn't stated.


Ogden's Great Petrifying Well, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, c.1910

Sepia real photographic postcard showing a view of sundry items in the process of being petrified by Ogden's Great Petrifying Well at Matlock Bath in Derbyshire. Published by John Ogden, Orchard Road, Matlock Bath, not numbered, photo by Percy Rowbottom, registered 7 July 1909.


Saisissante Réception, des Lilliputiens Marguerita, Deniso et Mab, c.1910

A printed monochrome postcard showing a view of a reception with the noted Lilliputians 'Princess Marguerita' or Marguerite, aged 20 and 65cms tall and weighing 7kgs, the 'Prince Deniso' or Denison, at the time the smallest adult person on earth, and the 'Noble Adrien Mab'. Publisher not stated, No 9, c.1910.



Two Canadian Exaggeration Postcards, 1910

A pair of sepia real photographic postcards published by The Canadian Post Card Co of Toronto. In the first three cars, led by a Buick, chase a giant rabbit and is captioned 'When we go after anything we get it'. The second shows a group of men hauling their enormous geese off to market. Such cards were very popular in Canada and the United States in the first few decades of the 20th century.


South African Native Witch Doctor, c.1905-10

A hand tinted printed postcard showing a "South-African Native Witch Doctor", though the image is taken from a photo by S.C. Turner and was taken near the Victoria Falls in Rhodesia. Published by Braune & Levy, Johannesburg, No 1405, c.1905-10.


Chief Mayombe & Two Wives, Kinshasa, Belgian Congo, c.1910

A sepia real photographic postcard showing a view of Chief Mayombe with his two wives at Kinshasa in the Belgian Congo. The card was published by Thomas Lewis of Stratford Road, Birmingham as part of his Lewis Series, No PC 27, c.1910.


Une Belle Capture, Au Service d'Hygiène, St-Louis, Senegal, c.1910

A printed sepia postcard showing a view of a group of rat catchers dispaying their haul outside the Bureau d'Hygiène at Saint-Louis in Senegal. Publisher not stated, No 220, c.1910.


The Guzrat Hunt, c.1910

A printed monochrome postcard showing a trio of Gujarati nitpickers in India. Publisher not stated and not numbered, though the card was printed in Saxony.


Arturo García Bustos - La Carta de la ONU, 1949

Printed monochrome postcard showing a linocut illustration by the Mexican artist Arturo García Bustos, a student of Frida Kahlo and one of the Los Fridos, entitled La Carta de la ONU, and showing a fascist soldier with snakes around his head intimidating a line of peasants waiting to vote. The soldier has the Charter of the United Nations stuck through his bayonet. To the back are the words Ganaremos la Paz si Luchamos por Ella, We Win Peace by Uniting For It. Published by the Taller de Gráfica Popular, not numbered, printed in Mexico, 1949.


Joy Division on the cover of the New Musical Express in 1979

Printed monochrome and red postcard showing a reproduction of the front cover of the New Musical Express for the 11th August 1979, featuring a photo by Pennie Smith of Ian Curtis and Bernard Sumner (Barney) of Joy Division. Published by IPC Magazines Ltd, 1991, NME Classics.